Unique Art of the Southwest

“Kaleidoscope Flying”

  Creative Wood Art    

Artist, Sandy Maguire, creates art of the west in a technique not used by any other artist.  Sandy's approach to Western Art is a unique technique of glazed wood.  Each piece is hand scrolled and sanded to a fine finish.  The final application of low fired glazes makes each piece of the art look like highly polished stone or glass.  When, in fact, the entire piece is wood!  

This type of art is referred to as mixed media 2/3 dimensional.  To complete the final work, other mediums are used in each piece, like real fur, lovely semi precious stones, metal, and often feathers.  The finished piece is a one of a kind creation.  If you are a collector of fine art or someone just beginning their acquisition of fine art pieces, a work by Sandy Maguire is a must for your collection.  When guests enter your home, no matter how many fine pieces of art are displayed, they will be drawn to this unique expression of Western art!