A Passion for Art and the West


Artist:  Sandy Maguire

      Sandy Maguire never had an art class in her life!  And she never was able to take a shop class because girls were not allowed to take shop when she went to high school!  So her ability to create such unique and totally one of a kind art pieces can only be explained by a real love for beauty, nature, the western culture, and a deep gratitude for such a gift from God, divine Love.

She did learn to wield a mean hammer, however, by helping her Granddad, who was a rancher in Montrose. CO, fix fence, build barns, repair tractors, and cut hay. That lifestyle has been a deep influence through her entire life and also influences today the type of art pieces she creates.

Sandy began doing some art work in 2005 and has been creating the pieces you see in the gallery since 2010.  She is also doing her own custom framing.  Her first career and passion was education and she served as a middle school principal for 17 years after spending 13 years in the classroom.

Unique Art of the Southwest